Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tale of Two Blogs

I know all kinds of folks out there have talked about this, but I wanna add my two cents and it's my blog so...

It is friggin' hard to have both a company blog and a personal blog and not just talk about useless drivel on the personal one.

The difficulty I'm having is that there are things I want to talk about on this blog that simply don't fit in with the overall goals of my company. These things are in the same idea-space as LiquidPlanner's project management stuff so it is hard to keep them separated.

If I have a good idea for a blog post and it fits in well with the mission of LiquidPlanner then I want to post it to the company blog. But when they don't fit in so well I don't really want to post them here because... well... someone might read it and confuse my ramblings here with our company position on many of these issues.

So I've decided I'm gonna be brave. I'm gonna post here a bunch of the things that don't really fit in with LiquidPlanner so well. So there'll be a bit of a change in tone over the next couple of weeks here. There will be things that didn't really fit in with the original idea of this blog as a digression on project management and organizational wackiness inside of a larger company.

And there will be a lot more posting.

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