Thursday, January 03, 2008

We're going to DEMO!

So it is now somewhat public that LiquidPlanner has been chosen to debut at the DEMO conference! See, it says so right here on our home page. This is at once exciting and terrifying. I'm gonna have to give a five minute talk about what the heck our product does and try not to make an ass of myself, my CEO, or our product.

The biggest issue so far has been getting time to rehearse. We know we need to rehearse but there just doesn't seem to be any urgency around it. I mean, we all feel like it is urgent, but we never seem to actually rehearse.

In case you were wondering if you really need to rehearse a 5-6 minute talk that much, I'd like to point out that our company is spending thousands of dollars (as in "tens of") to send us down there to make a good impression. While the talk isn't the whole thing, it sure feels important.

And let me tell you, five minutes isn't very friggen long to describe a revolutionary new way to plan and manage projects.

That coupled with the fact that we're still putting the finishing touches on the product and just switched over to running on our shiny new production hardware (thanks to our god of operations, Brett) and running a beta program and are going to analysts briefings and are doing press interviews and are doing demos for investors (or potential investors) and you've got some very busy boys and girls.

So now we've just got to stay calm and... yeah... calm... right.

We'll see you at DEMO if you're there. I'll buy you beer if you meet me down in Palm Springs/Palm Desert anytime from January 27-30. Drop me a line if you have my email or find it on the LiquidPlanner site (hint... it's here). You can alternatively comment on this blog and I'll mock you... er... meet up with you down there.

See you in the desert!

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